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Monday, 29 July 2013


Superstition is an irrational belief or an ominous belief in a particular thing...In India, people belonging to various religious, cultural, ethnic, and racial groups believe in superstitions. In spite of living in 21st century, we dont let go of such beliefs. Outwardly we might show everyone that we have modern views but inwardly most of the people are aware of superstitions. 


Being a bengali, I too have seen my Ma (mother), thamma (paternal grandmother) and my didima (maternal grandmother)follow a number of such superstitions. When asked the real logic behind them, you get to hear a number of unsatisfactory answers like,       

 "অতো জানিনা বাবা , আমরা এতো প্রশ্ন করতাম না তোমাদের মতো"
(we dont know so much, we never asked so many questions)

Let me share some of the popular superstitions that the bengalis follow:
If one sneezes while going out, then one should wait for a while to prevent bad luck,
One should not eat eggplants on wednesday or else বুদ্ধি পুরে যাবে (intelligence might get damaged)
 If your left eye twitches, it means bad luck...


Yesterday afternoon while I was having lunch, I was almost choking on my food, guess what Ma had to say, I was choking not because the food went down the wrong way but because someone was thinking about me! Really!I didnt know I was that important. God these things make me laugh out loud [lol]. 


No matter how much absurd they are, they will still follow it. At the same time it will take us a lot of time to stamp these superstitions out of their mind...

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